Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the house's edge on this site❓️

The house edge on MoneroDice is 1%. In other words, over time and across thousands of bets the MoneroDice operators will earn 1%. For some users this has a minimal effect, for some it has an effect that is a little larger. This cut helps us fund expensive costs, such as the server, the website itself, and so on. Once our costs are covered, all profits go to Monero core development.

How can I play Monero Dice❓️

  1. Provide your Monero address for which your winnings will be sent
  2. Select your odds & win multiplier;
  3. Choose Dice version: fast or provable (detailed explanation below);
  4. Send Monero to provided address;
  5. System will securely pick lucky numbers;
  6. Your win will be sent back to your provided Monero address;

You place a bet by sending Monero to the provided address. MoneroDice sees this and evaluates win or lose. If you win, your bet is multiplied by the prize multiplier and that amount is sent back automatically to the address you provided. No registration is required!

Why two types of Monero Dice: fast and provable❓️

MoneroDice fast type operates with zero confirmations. Result is known after a dozen or so seconds, as soon as the transaction is seen in the pool. As soon as the server picks up the broadcast it will roll the dice to pick up the lucky numbers using a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator.

MoneroDice provable fair type roll is calculated from transaction id and transaction timestamp which is also the timestamp for the block that confirmed this transfer (For not mined yet transaction this timestamp would indicate timestamp of submission). Because the transaction needs to be fully confirmed before the roll evaluation, it takes significantly longer time for processing.

Provable fair algorithm:
  1. Concatenate transaction ID and transaction timestamp.
  2. Generate SHA-256 hash from that concatenation in hexadecimal format.
  3. Convert that hexadecimal representation to a senary numeral system.
  4. Take the last six digits and increase all of them by one to get the final result.

What is Monero❓️

Monero (XMR) is a proof of work cryptocurrency that has been built on open source technology, meaning that it has been built by a community of supporters, including programmers and cryptographers. Anyone in the community is able to submit an idea, which can be then taken to the development team and added to the currency. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Monero is completely private. This means that there is no open ledger or transparent blockchain and your identity in the transactions remains anonymous. Founded in 2014, Monero has grown to represent an increasingly significant share of the Cryptocurrency market. By May 2022 the majority of Monero coins will have been released, with a total circulation of just over 18 million coins.

Why only Monero XMR❓️

Monero Delays:

Monero protocol requires a certain number of confirmations for transactions. This can take some time for your fund to be fully confirmed and unlocked for spending.

Comparison with Bitcoin:
Initial waiting time for next block to be mined:Up to 2 minutes, average 1 minuteUp to 10 minutes, average 5 minutes
Time for first block to be confirmed:Average 2 minutesAverage 10 minutes
Time for transaction to be fully confirmed:10 confirmations * 2 minutes = 20 minutes6 confirmations * 10 minutes = 1 hour
Total time21 minutes1 hour 5 minutes

I've found a bug, where can I report it❓️

We reward users who find legitimate bugs in our system. Shoot us an email to  and we will get right back at you.

I am addicted, what should I do❓️

Gambling can be addictive. If you struggle with addiction then it is best to discontinue using MoneroDice, and visit those website instead:

How do I contact you❓️

If you need to contact the staff of this website please do so via email: